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Quicker recruitment

 Stronger  retention

 Better  adherence

Hubical creates and makes available to promoters and recruiters of a clinical trial a tailor-made digital information platform which is designed for patients and can be accessed from home before and after their sign up for a clinical trial.

 Proper patient education and information is the key to a successful clinical trial

Alexandre Viau, maxillofacial surgeon

Emmanuel Viau, lawyer


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Why ?

The large amount of information that is necessary to enable a patient to provide an informed consent cannot be properly communicated during medical consultation or in written format nowadays.

Core notions such as the clinical trial process (protocol, duration) or the protection to which each patient is entitled (legal framework, on-going consent) are often misunderstood by patients.

This leads to : a prolonged recruitment phase, weakened clinical results, increased risks with regard to the use of the product, and in the end, an extended time-to-market.

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Source : Chappuy H. PhD and al. Pediatr Blood Cancer 2007


Foster patients’ consent

Entrench patients’ commitment

Enhance compliance with the protocol

Help meet the ethical objectives


What Hubical services do for you

Increase reliability of the trial's results

Homogenize information within the trial


A tailor-made Hubical package consists of


3 educational videos realised in motion design by a team of audiovisual and healthcare professionals.

What is a clinical trial ? What is the legal framework and how am I protected ? What are my rights and duties ?

What does this specific clinical trial intend to demonstrate ? What are the purpose, expected benefits, risks and constraints ?

How will my participation in the trial materialise and what happens should I quit during the course of the trial : a practical and functional timeline helps the patient understand his position and entitle him to anticipate and organise throughout the clinical trial.

A digitized copy of all necessary documents.

A certification confirming proper reception and understanding of the information.


At Hubical, our know-how is

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of the patients who have been offered access to the Hubical information tool declare to have a better understanding of the medical information and its implications.*

of the patients who have been offered access to the Hubical information tool consider this strengthened their trustful relation with their healthcare professional.*

A proficient team composed of professionals in the field of educational and motion design creations, healthcare, as well as French and European law.

Source : patient questionnaire included in the Hubical information tool.

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